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16th March 2023

Transvulcania by UTMB® presents the team race modality, os Premios Clubs - SPAR La Palma

All duly accredited trail running and athletics clubs from La Palma can participate in this category.

On the 6th of May, one of the most important trail running events in the world returns to the island of La Palma: Transvulcania . An event that, for the second consecutive year, will be part of the prestigious UTMB® World Series circuit.

Among the novelties of this thirteenth edition of the event in La Palma, a new category of competition will be introduced, the team races, organised by UTMB® Iberia and the Sports Council of the La Palma Island Council, with the sponsorship of SPAR La Palma.

Thus, all the trail running and athletics clubs of La Palma, duly accredited, will be able to register and participate in any of the three main distances of the event: Ultramarathon, Volcanes, and El Roque.

Teams must be mixed

Teams shall consist of three persons and shall be mixed, the number of women and men being the choice of each club: two women and one man, or one woman and two men. Each runner must be a member of the club they represent.

Registrations will be made by e-mail , being totally free of charge for the clubs, who will be responsible for drawing up the list with the names of the teams and their members. The organisation will provide a registration form which, once completed, must be sent to before 20th April.

In order to score points and be included in the classification, it is compulsory for all three members to reach the finish line, although it is not necessary for them to run as a group. Once the race is over, the three times of the runners of each team will be added together. The winner will be the team in which the sum of the times of the three members is the lowest. In the event of a tie in the classification, the winner will be the team whose last runner to score has the best individual ranking.

The winners will receive a prize money of 600€ in the Ultra, 450€ in the Volcanoes and 300€ in El Roque. In addition, there will be a prize of 500€ for the club with the most finalist teams in the three distances.

Teams must be mixed