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11th October 2022

Countdown to Transvulcania by UTMB® - follow from around the world

The twelfth edition of Transvulcania will be held from 20 to 22 October and will have more than 2,900 runners in its four distances: Ultramarathon, Marathon, Half Marathon, and Vertical Challenge. Last held in 2019, the event returns as part of the UTMB® World Series, the leading trail running circuit which brings together the best races on the planet, while keeping its spirit intact. Transvulcania by UTMB® can be followed live from anywhere in the world through UTMB® Live, Teledeporte and Televisión Canaria.

Almost three and a half years have passed since the last time La Palma celebrated its most international event, Transvulcania by UTMB®. First the pandemic and, later, the eruption of the volcano located in Cumbre Vieja, forced the cancellation of one of the most desired trail events of the calendar. Now, the La Palma event is back, and stronger than ever, under the seal of the prestigious UTMB® World Series, and keeping its DNA intact.

The twelfth edition of Transvulcania by UTMB®, to be held from 20 to 22 October, will bring together more than 2,900 runners from over 60 different nationalities such as France, the United Kingdom, Portugal, the United States, Japan, China and Egypt. All of them will come together at one of the most important trail events in the world, and will compete, together with a large number of elites, in one of the four distances that make up the event.

• The Vertical Challenge, 1.5 kilometres and 250 metres of positive elevation gain. A vertiginous ascent that starts at Playa de Tazacorte and climbs up the cliff of El time to the Mirador de la Punta. This explosive race will be held on Thursday from 19:30 hours and it will be an excellent prologue and party to kick off the weekend.

• The Ultramarathon, 75 kilometres, 4,735 metres of positive ascent and 4,405 metres of negative ascent. This is the highlight of the event. It runs along the backbone of the island via the GR-131, and will start on Saturday at 7:00 a.m. from the Faro de Fuencaliente lighthouse.

• The Marathon is 45 km long, with a positive difference in altitude of 2,816 metres and a negative difference in altitude of 3,372 metres. A demanding race that will share part of the route with the ultra as well as new sections. It will start from the town of El Paso at 7.30am on Saturday.

• The Half Marathon, of 28 kilometres, 840 metres of positive difference in altitude and 2,890 metres of negative difference in altitude. This distance has also seen its traditional circuit altered to avoid a greater impact on the Cumbre Vieja Natural Park, with the finish line in Los Llanos de Aridane along with the other distances. The start of the race will take place on Saturday at 9:00 a.m. from El Roque de los Muchachos.

The Ultra will include on the presence of national elites and renowned runners such as Miguel Heras, winner of Transvulcania in 2010 and 2011, who comes to La Palma with the intention of winning the triple crown. The Canary Islander Cristofer Clemente; Joaquín Sánchez, second place in the TDS in UTMB® Mont-Blanc last August; Eli Rios; Lurdes Palao, third in the VDA of Val d'Aran by UTMB® in July 2022; Aroa Sío, and the Mexicans Nayeli de la Torre and Júpiter Carera will all be present. While on the international scene, the Swedish Peter Engdahl, winner of the CCC in the 2022 UTMB® Mont-Blanc and Philipp Ausserhofer, second in the CDH of Val d'Aran by UTMB® stand out in the mens race, while the South African Megan McKenzie and Ynvild Kaspersen from Norway will be ones to watch in the women’s race.

Great names are also present in the Marathon with the inclusion of national athletes such as Moana L. Kehres, Mireia Pons, Yoel de Paz, Dani Osanz, Dani Castillo and Mario Mirambel, as well as international athletes such as Ikram Rharsalla, among others.

In the Half Marathon, Dimas Pereira, Aitor Navarro, Francisco José González and Josep Miret are the great favourites to win. There will also be a very high female participation in the Half Marathon, with outstanding runners such as Angelica Gallego, Anna dal Farra and Mirian Afonso. “Almost three and a half years after our last Transvulcania, we are very happy to celebrate again this great trail running event, which is undoubtedly one of the best and most awaited of the circuit. The figures prove it. In total, this twelfth edition will bring together more than 2,900 runners from 62 countries, of which just over 30% are from the Canary Islands. Furthermore, the main novelty will be that it will be broadcast all over the world, which will enhance its international character", said Mariano Zapata, president of the Cabildo de la Palma.

“On the other hand, from Wednesday 19th October until Friday 21st October, we are expecting more than 6,000 visitors at the Ultra-Trail® Village, a fair where some of the most important outdoor brands will be represented, which will have 25 exhibitors, and which, without a doubt, will be a great opportunity to share the passion for trail running with people from different parts of the world", he continued.

"Celebrating this edition of Transvulcania is a real dream. First there was the pandemic, which wiped out everything, and then, as if that wasn't enough, a volcano woke up in Cumbre Vieja and destroyed everything in its path. But if there is one thing that neither COVID-19 nor the lava has been able to defeat, it is the spirit of the people of La Palma, their enthusiasm, their strength, their desire to progress, to move forward, their joie de vivre, and their desire to celebrate once again. 14 municipalities involved, more than 500 volunteers, 180 people including health, security, emergency, firefighters. The response has been unanimous. There is a great desire for Transvulcania", said Xavier Pocino Moga, CEO of UTMB® Iberia.

The participation of the residents of the island of La Palma will also be important, with a very special prize on offer for local runners. Thanks to the Spar supermarket chain, the first man and woman in the Ultramarathon will receive a direct race bib for the CCC 2023 at UTMB® Mont-Blanc, as well as a financial prize to cover expenses such as flights and hotels. But there is more. Amongst all the Palmeros who finish the race, Spar will draw a bib for the same distance.

Follow Tranvulcania by UTMB® from anywhere in the world

Tranvulcania by UTMB® is a race of great worldwide recognition, and this year it will be broadcast live on UTMB® Live, Teledeporte and Televisión Canaria.

A team of more than 20 people will form part of the broadcast staff including camera operators, producers, speakers and technicians. They will be bringing live minute-by-minute coverage of everything that happens in the Ultra, the Marathon and the Half Marathon. In addition, they will offer unique insights and the monitor the progress of the elite runners throughout the day.

Much more than a trail event

Transvulcania by UTMB® is a very special race. It is a competition with its own DNA and a spirit that the new organisers were determined to keep intact, building on the character that has made it a race of such great worldwide recognition. To do so, it has relied on the co-organisation and support of Sodepal, the public company of the Cabildo, which has been running the race so far with great success.

It is precisely the temperament of the people of La Palma that will allow this twelfth edition to take place as normal. After more than 80 days of the eruption of the volcano in Cumbre Vieja, the people of La Palma got together and worked hard to rebuild their land. They have succeeded. In record time they have recovered the famous Ruta de los Volcanes, the link between the Aridane Valley and the south of the island, as well as the opening of the LP-301 road.

Now, after a very hard year, it is time to celebrate. To live the great trail festival.

Within the programme of activities, there is a special place for a race with which Transvulcania by UTMB® aims to promote the values of trail running. On Friday afternoon, starting at 17:00 in Tijarafe, the Kids / Junior Races will be held. A series of races in which the little ones will be the real protagonists and will be able to enjoy contact with nature while covering different distances adapted to their age.

From Thursday 20th October, when Transvulcania by UTMB® kicks off its most special edition, the streets of the Isla Bonita will be filled with music to celebrate this long-awaited event. Until the night of Saturday 22nd, it will be possible to enjoy different local groups, in a clear commitment of the organisation to local talent.

The wait is over. Transvulcania is back stronger than ever.

Much more than a trail event