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6th May 2023

El Roque Promesas

The short version of Transvulcania for young athletes.

Race Category



28 KM

Running Stones


Elevation Gain

840 M+

Elevation Loss

2932 M-

Start Location

El Roque de los Muchachos

Start Date

6th May 2023

Start Time


El Roque Promesas

El Roque Promesas

Open to runners between 16 and 19 years of age.

The Tranvulcania by UTMB® Roque Promesas is a race which covers part of the last 28 km of the Ultra.

From the top of the island, on the Roque de Los Muchachos, in what is one of the highest starts of a race of this distance, to the finish line in Los Llanos de Aridane. The Roque Promesas runs along part of the edge of the Caldera and descends very steeply almost to sea level in just 28 kilometres, so technique is of particular importance, as well as fitness.

The short version of Tranvulcania by UTMB® has a positive difference in altitude of 840 metres and a negative difference in altitude of 2,932 metres over a length of 28 kilometres. All of this, bordering La Caldera de Taburiente and descending to contemplate the beautiful panoramic view of the port and the beach of Tazacorte, always with the imposing Pico Bejenado covered in pine trees as a backdrop.

Race regulations

Check out the official Transvulcania by UTMB® regulations including registration fees, mandatory equipment, assistance policy and much more.

Mandatory equipment

Choosing suitable equipment is a key factor to the success of your race. Be sure to test your kit and your equipment before the big day to avoid unwanted surprises.

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Runner and companions Guide

Download the Runners and Companions Guide for the 2023 Edition of Transvulcania by UTMB®

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No pacers are allowed. It is forbidden to accompany or be accompanied along any part the race route by a person not registered for the race, outside of the tolerance zones which are clearly marked in the proximity of the aid stations.